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Recent news vs. published books we fund

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New ideas and innovations: Fudan's Insititute for Data Industry

July 2015


Fudan's Institute for Data Industry we invested in helped create dozens of new direct & indirect projects from November 2013.



Latest projects: Executive health program on cancer screening

Project Suspended in October 2015

Chinese people are really suffering due to their heavily polluted environment. According to WHO (World Health Organization), new cancer cases and deaths are growing at an alarming rate - and China is bearing the brunt.


Building a co-working space of the US top hospitals, we will offer a program that makes it easy for Chinese individuals to come to overseas to undergo physicals and cancer screenings.  This program could first be marketed to wealthier individuals who would have the funds to make the trip and pay for the services. Although the cost will be high, we would continue to raise funds to support the program. 

Our new apps: Investing thousands of dollars into mHealth

March 2016


(1) Allergy Screener

Finalist (Invited Presentation) & Nomination for the Most Popular Award Consideration, the Innovation Competition (Boston) of the 5th U.S.-China Health Summit.


(2) Promoting Bone Health in Children -

Videos: 3 minutes, 1.5 minutes.

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